Algebra King

Game description

Test your logical thinking puzzles in the Algebra King game.

Although it might sound boring, the opposite is true. These are interesting rebuses in which you will have fun and you don't even count. The meaning of the game is on to find the meaning of image equations. Your answer select by clicking on the one possible answer placed below the equation.

When you don't know what next, you can use help, which selects two wrong answers. With two wrong answers, you will have a greater chance to choose the right answer.

For each right answer, you will get points that put you on the leaderboard of the best players. But the position on the leaderboard you can lose because the points also decrease.

Game features

  • Mobile game
  • 2D
  • Algebra King
  • Puzzle
  • Equations
  • Picture equations
  • Free to download


  • Puzzle


  • English

Release date: 2022-07-03

Game size: 13MB

Version: 1.0


  • android
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