Ugly Witch

Game description

In the game, you can spend an adventure of a witch, which is so ugly, that she scares the whole forest.

Your goal is to help out the witch find all needed ingredients, crafting potions that help the witch become more beautiful.  Join the game now and help out the witch change her fate!

You are in the forest, where are many obstacles and enemies which are against you. Using your skill and luck you must go through the levels to obtain specific ingredients.

The witch has a special room for the crafting of the potion, which contains flasks. There is also a minigame that helps you get your dream potion.

The game contains 25 levels, which you collect for example a melon or citrus. These ingredients are important for creating the potions, which make progress.

The 5 potions are needed to craft in total, from these five you can craft the final potion of the beauty.

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Game features

  • Mobile game
  • 3D
  • 2.5D
  • Ugly Witch
  • Witch
  • Free to download
  • Save the witch
  • Arcade
  • Action


  • Action
  • Arcade


  • Czech
  • English

Release date: 2022-07-03

Game size: 40MB

Version: 1.2


  • android


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